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  • Formal music training - Theory

  • Formal music training - Practice

  • Informal musicianship

Musical Capacity

  • Emotional sensitivity to music

  • Listening sophistication

  • Music memory and imagery

  • Personal commitment to music

Music Preferences

  • Rock or Metal

  • Classical

  • Pop or Easy listening

  • Jazz, Blues, Country, or Folk

  • Rap or Hip-hop

  • Dance or Electronica


Music Use Motivations

  • Musical transcendence

  • Emotion regulation

  • Social

  • Music identity and expression



Chin, T-C., Coutinho, E., Scherer, K. R., & Rickard, N. S. (in press). MUSEBAQ: A modular tool for music research to assess musicianship, musical capacity, music preferences and motivations for music use.
Conference presentations

Chin, T-C., Rickard, N. S., Coutinho, E., & Scherer, K. R. (2016). Music engagement - A psychometrically robust questionnaire for capturing its many voices. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC 14), San Francisco, USA.

Rickard, N. S., Chin, T-C., Coutinho, E., & Scherer, K. R. (2015). The MUSEBAQ - A comprehensive and modular instrument for assessing musical engagement. International Conference on Music and Emotion (ICME 4), Geneva, Switzerland.

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